We're always on the lookout for people who hold a love for trendy stuff to join us
here at Mes Online ! Do you dream of being part of a small but super passionate
team? We're interested in hiring part time/full time:
  • Illustrators + Designers
  • Anyone with experience in eCommerce

If we sound like the perfect fit for you, simply attach your CV. cover letter and
portfolio (if you have one!), send it to hr@joycollierai.com

We want to see the best of what you have to offer! To help illustrator + designer
applications stand out, don't be afraid to send over any hand-drawn/hand-
illustrated artwork you have created, which you feel might suit MES Online!

The more information you can include, the better! Tell us all about why you're
passionate about the role and what would make you a great fit!


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